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Who are we?

LFG is a bold and authentic financial services firm that provides quality service, expert consulting as well as financial strategies and concepts. We strongly believe that financial freedom is possible with the right financial plan and execution.

Individuals insurance

Personal insurance

In terms of personal insurance, we offer several products including; life, disability, critical illness, travel and individual or family health insurance.

Buying a property

For an RRSP-HBP loan, mortgage financing and mortgage insurance, we can help you.

Savings and investments

Our team will help you make the best investment choices and adapt to market conditions. There are several investment accounts available including; RRSPs, TFSA, GICs and Unregistered.

Insurance for Businesses and Groups

Business Life Insurance

There are several reasons to have life insurance in the business; for example, you can have one to buy back a shareholder's shares in the event of death, protect a commercial loan or for the estate protection of the company

Shared Ownership Critical Illness Insurance

It is possible to have critical illness insurance co-owned with your company to protect key people in the company in the event of a critical illness. We recommend adding a 100% premium refund benefit at maturity or in the event of death to this coverage.

Overhead expenses and income replacement

You can cover the fixed costs of the company and the salary of a key person or officers and its employees in the event that any of them become disabled as a result of an accident or illness. With these protections, the income of the business is not affected during the disability.

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