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Insurance for Businesses and Groups.

Insurance for companies and groups includes, but is not limited to; group insurance (disability, drugs, dental, eyeglasses, etc.) for self-employed workers and SMBs, income replacement for a key employee in the event that he or she is unable to work, one or multiple life insurance policies for a share buyback following the death of one or more shareholders, and finally, insurance to protect commercial loans or fixed costs.


Group insurance on an individual basis

This type of program allows you to be flexible and affordable. It's basically group insurance offered on an individual basis. They are generally more affordable, more flexible and require less administration, unlike most traditional group insurance plans.

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Business Life Insurance (Share Buyback)

There are several reasons to have life insurance in the business; for example, you can have one to buy back a shareholder's shares in the event of death, protect a commercial loan or for the estate protection of the company.


Shared Ownership Critical Illness Insurance

It is possible to have critical illness insurance co-owned with your company to protect key people in the company in the event of a critical illness. We recommend adding a 100% premium refund benefit at maturity or in the event of death to this coverage.